After Action Review

What is an After Action Review

An After-Action Review (AAR) is a formal analysis of how an organisation performed during a crisis. Capturing what worked well, what didn’t, and the lessons learned is what enables companies to improve and better prepare for the future.
Risk Management Solutions

Conducting an AAR is an integral part of the crisis and emergency management process.

This can help you and your team learn from your efforts by addressing the following main points when evaluating how your organisation performed during a crisis incident:
  • What was supposed to happen?
  • What actually happened?
  • What went well and why?
  • What can be improved and how?
  • What is aar in business?

Our team can facilitate an AAR by conducting a series of interviews with the members of your organisation who were involved in the management of a critical incident.

Our facilitators will create an environment that supports open and honest discussion, the expression of new ideas and possible solutions whilst maintaining objectivity throughout the process. As a result, Resilient Services will provide your organisation with a comprehensive report containing interview data, analysis, insights, and actionable recommendations for your consideration.

By conducting routine After Action Reviews, our clients obtain ongoing improvement for their employees and stakeholders, as well as compliance to policies and government regulation. For more information on disaster management plans and why they are so important, please visit our page on Disaster Management Plans