Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

All major and significant critical infrastructure in Victoria must be listed on the Victorian Critical Infrastructure Register.
Critical Infrastructure Management

Part 7A of the Emergency Management Act 2013 (Vic) also requires that before the end of each Resilience Improvement Cycle, the following must be completed by the ‘responsible entity’:

  • A statement of assurance
  • Emergency risk management planning documentation
  • An exercise (unless otherwise agreed with the relevant minister)
  • An audit

As defined in the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 (Cth), the responsible entity for a critical infrastructure asset differs depending on which category it falls into.

For some, such as critical gas, water and electricity assets, the entity that holds the licence, approval or authorisation to operate the asset is the responsible entity. For some other assets, the asset operator or an alternative entity that has been specified in a declaration is the responsible entity.
At Resilient Services, our specialised team can prepare all the necessary documents to ensure that your business is compliant with the applicable legislation.
Our team has extensive experience providing risk management services, emergency management plans and exercises with critical infrastructure owners and operators, including oil, water, wastewater, gas and electricity transmission and distribution assets, and understands not only what is required by law to have your asset remain compliant, but also the importance of insuring that your organisation can mitigate risks and manage emergency events. Any plans or documents made for your business will be tailored to meet all of your business’ specific needs and requirements.
We can also create and conduct thorough and engaging emergency exercise plans which are designed to test the preparedness of your business in the event of an emergency. Such exercises can also be used to assess possible areas for improvement to ensure that your team has the most efficient response possible.
Resilient Services have extensive experience working for Victoria’s regulators, and we understand their requirements.