After Action Review – an integral part of the emergency management process.

Has your business been impacted by a major event such as storms, flood, power outages, fire, loss of IT or the current pandemic to name a few? An After-Action Review (AAR) is an integral part of the emergency management process to gather learnings and create continuous improvement. Performing an AAR will allow your organisation to capture what worked well, what didn’t, and the lessons learned during the process which will enable your organisation to improve and better prepare for the future. 

What is included in an AAR?  

For best results an AAR is structured around the following key questions: 

  • What was supposed to happen? 
  • What actually happened? 
  • What went well and why? 
  • What can be improved and how?

When should an AAR be used?  

An AAR should be made a priority and is best performed as close as possible to the crisis incident/project occurring. This is because the event will still be fresh in each team members mind reducing the chance of missing important information.  

Who is involved in the AAR process? 

It is important that the entire team that was involved in the crisis incident/project are involved in the AAR process. Every team member has a voice that should be valued and will give your organisation the knowledge required to improve in tangible ways. Employing an outside facilitator such as Resilient Services to conduct the AAR offers many advantages as the facilitator can encourage participation from all team members whilst maintaining neutrality.   


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What can you expect when consulting with Resilient Services?  

At Resilient Services we have facilitated After Action Reviews for government and ASX Top 100 companies. Our team can facilitate an AAR and create an environment for your organisation that supports an open and honest discussion, the expression of new ideas and possible solutions whilst maintaining objectivity throughout the process. 

We will facilitate an AAR by conducting a series of interviews with the members of your organisation who were involved in the management of a critical incident/project. As a result, Resilient Services will provide your organisation with a comprehensive report containing interview data, analysis, insights and actionable recommendations for your consideration.  

Want to discover more on how we can help your business prepare an After Action Review? Contact us via email or call 0439 005 271. We look forward to working together to make your business stronger, smarter and more secure.  

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