Who We Are

We are a bespoke risk and resilience consultancy, established by Managing Director, John Gawne, in 2018.

About Us

We understand the commercial and operational risks that your business faces and tailor carefully crafted solutions to treat those risks. We know that every business, industry, or agency is exposed to unique risks in their day-to-day operations and long-term strategy. With this understanding, what we do offers tailored practical solutions that your organisation can apply to build its resilience.

We are fast becoming known as an industry leader in Risk and Resilience due to our ability to analyse business risks, legislative demands and provide assurance measures. With our expertise, we provide businesses, large and small, with the confidence they need to achieve their goals. We tailor solutions to support clients to meet their desired resilience goals.

Company History

John Gawne, Resilient Services’ Managing Director, formed Resilient Services in February 2018. Before its inception, John worked in the utility, energy, and construction industries for 28 years. Since 2010, he has worked extensively in the Emergency Management sector and has developed a reputation as a respected and trustworthy industry professional. Similarly, over that journey, John worked in senior management positions in the private sector and spent time in government roles.
John became aware of a fundamental need for independent and versatile experts who understand businesses’ entire risk and resilience needs while providing personalised and tailored solutions. Likewise, he recognised a need for professionals with the knowledge and emergency management experience from a corporate and operational perspective. All these factors inspired John to start Resilient Services, and he hasn’t looked back since.
To date, Resilient Services have provided risk, resilience, and emergency management solutions to ASX Top 100 companies, government regulators and agencies within the construction, energy, oil and gas industries. Of late, the company has expanded into the agribusiness and manufacturing industries and added government grants, accredited RTO training, and strategic business marketing to its suite of professional services.

Meet the team

Resilient Services prides itself on having a diverse range of experts who bring with them a wide range of experiences. We are proud to introduce you to the dedicated individuals who make up our management team. In addition to this team, we collaborate with numerous specialist consultants who enhance our capabilities and provide invaluable insights.

John Gawne

Managing Director & Founder

John founded Resilient Services in 2018 after holding senior management positions in critical infrastructure and service provider…

Breanna Chapman

Head of Operations, Risk & Resilience 

Breanna Chapman is Resilient Services’ project manager and client liaison. Brea enjoys time with her family, along with activities such as hiking….

Emma Somlai

Administration Officer

Emma was born and bred in the Latrobe Valley region of Victoria, she likes to spend her time with family and friends, keeping active and is…

Natalya Ward

Risk & Regulatory Analyst

Natalya is a current university student, undertaking a double degree in law and environmental science. Passionate about nature….

Samantha Harris

Marketing Manager

Samantha is responsible for developing the Resilient Services marketing strategy and coordinating all marketing campaigns with…