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Who are Resilient Services?

A Boutique Resilience Consultancy That Understands Big Business Risks

No matter the field, industry, or agency, risks are an unavoidable part of doing business. And while emergencies, problems, or disasters may occur, it is the way a company handles them that determines their impact. The team at Resilient Services understand every business must proactively manage unique risks in their day-to-day operations and long-term strategy with resilience. How would your business cope if something unexpected happened? With Resilient Services, you won’t be left wondering.

Unfortunately, emergencies don’t consider our schedules or plans. Whether it’s a burst pipe or flat tyre, they always occur at the worst times, but if there is an emergency plan in place, then of course these events are less disruptive. The same occurs in business. With Emergency Management by Resilient Services, the impact of the event on your reputation, profitability and employee and contractor safety can all be minimised. Their experienced team can help you prepare for and respond to any emergency that interrupts your normal procedures.

Emergencies aren’t the only thing that can impact a business, though. Crises are defined as a sudden and significant event. Crisis Management considers pre-crisis preparation, crisis response, and crisis recovery, to ensure you have a plan in any scenario. The Resilient Services team don’t just work with big business, they offer their services to organisations from all industries, including government, aviation, agribusiness, manufacturers, mining companies, and more.

Some businesses neglect planning and risk management because they believe nothing will happen to them. While this would be ideal, it is unfortunately not always the case. And it is often the businesses with this attitude that are the most impacted in an event. Preparing for unexpected events strengthens your Business Continuity, meaning its ability to have limited disruption to its essential processes during and after a disaster event by using measures aimed at allowing regular business activities to continue. This results in minimal financial and reputational loss.

Resilient Services are industry-leaders and adopt a practical approach that takes all factors into consideration. When preparing protocols for Disaster Management, they use engaging emergency exercises, drawing from real-life scenarios, and practical examples to ensure your business and its staff are prepared for any event.

Consider this question again: How would your business cope if something happened? Risk Management is an essential part of operating a business. Not only does it protect and support your business in the event of an emergency, but it ensures its survival and ongoing success. To learn more about their risk management services, contact their experienced team.

Resilient Services can also provide a wide range of businesses advice and assistance when it comes to pandemic preparedness planning. Their wide range of pandemic planning services can allow an organisation to operate at times of an infectious disease outbreak or worldwide pandemic; much like the recent emergence of COVID-19.

 About Resilient Services

Resilient Services is a boutique risk and resilience consultancy, specialising in crisis, emergency, disaster, and risk management. They work with companies from a broad range of industries to deliver expert advice and practical risk management plans. Their tailored solutions are sought after by companies big and small.

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