Risks are inevitable. We help you prepare for them.

Resilient Services partners with our clients to ensure they are the most resilient organisations possible. Risks are inherent in the activities of our clients. The culmination of those risks has the potential to cause significant disruptions to businesses, result in loss of life or injury and can damage or destroy property. Likewise, emergencies and crises have the potential of harming the reputation of a company, senior management, and staff.

Despite this, they can be mitigated and or treated. This is where we come in. We make sure that our clients are the best prepared for these possibilities and can respond quickly and effectively. We combine emergency management expertise with premium strategic business management principles to give our clients a strategic benefit advantage over their competitors.

Our clients frequently inform us that we have an acute focus on the risks and needs unique to their business. That we provide clarity, consistency, accuracy and compliance when developing our client’s emergency management protocols and procedures, and that we run exciting and engaging exercises to prepare our clients for the real world. After retaining the expertise of Resilient Services, your business will be stronger, smarter, and more secure – prepared for whatever the future might bring.

We are experts and will work with you to either guide you every step of the way or take a more hands-on approach. It’s up to you, get in contact with us to find out more.

Corporate Focus

We appreciate the risks that Boards and Executives face when managing their business. A rich and thorough understanding of legal, financial, and reputational risk is essential for modern corporate governance. These challenges are compounded by the increased scrutiny of the conduct of corporate actors and the rising expectation in the community for safe and reliable delivery of products and services.

As Executives, you understand the risks and challenges exposed to your business better than anyone. The services we provide allow you to narrow and sharpen that focus and be ahead of the curve should a risk to your business materialise.

We assist Executives by supplementing their understanding of their risk exposure profile and provide solutions based on the developed principles of crisis and emergency. They benefit by having peace of mind knowing that their risks are being accounted for, eliminated, or treated, with a thorough strategic plan developed by our experts.

Furthermore, we understand the immense pressures and time constraints that businesses like yours operate under. Therefore, we are flexible to meet your expectations.

Operational Focus

The safety and security of the day-to-day operations of a business are crucial for long-term prosperity and growth. The community is right to expect that those who work and operate critical infrastructure and strategic assets do so with an eye firmly on the risks that these assets are exposed to. Moreover, workers are right to expect to work in a safe and secure environment and rely on their employer to continue to assess safety. We offer solutions which treat these risks individually and do so keeping in mind the importance of functionality and usability.

Operational staff understand the risks to their business to the highest degree; they work at the coalface of a corporation and face a varied set of challenges daily. For operational staff, one of the most significant challenges is instilling amongst your team the importance of resilience and taking steps to treat and mitigate those risks. Experts, such as ourselves, give you the confidence to exercise your authority when directing operational staff to ensure they are taking steps to ensure you maintain a Resilient organisation.

Operational staff are under extreme pressures and are often expected to work unconventional hours to get the job done. We understand these pressures and are willing to take steps to accommodate your needs.