Crisis Response and Review Timeline

The question we are now all facing, is how do we get back to business sustainably?

Yesterday, Resilient Services launched its Back To Business survey. This quick, two-minute survey, asks simple questions to assess a business’s preparedness for the ‘new normal’ during and after COVID-19.

The survey employs Resilient Services’ PEAR$ framework (People, Environment, Assets, Reputation, $ Dollars) to assess the critical areas of a company which determines its success and sustainability. This framework combines superior strategic business management principles with emergency and disaster recovery expertise.

Upon completion of the survey, businesses will be given a complimentary Back To Business Report developed by our experts. This report highlights where a company is excelling, showing positive signs, or needs improvement. Moreover, the report provides respondents with some simple suggestions to help them adapt to the new normal and thrive.

Based on their responses, we are also offering businesses a short consult shortly after their submission.

These are tough times. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every business. Many have had to shut their doors, stand down staff, tear up business plans, and start again from scratch.  Customers have changed what and how they buy and how they expect it to be delivered. Those who can identify their customer’s changed habits, and get back to business quickly and safely will have a sustainable competitive advantage over their competition.

To complete the survey and prepare to achieve your organisations’ goals, click here.

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