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What does a Risk Management Consultant do?

Introducing Samantha Taylor. Sam is one of Resilient Services Risk Management Specialists and is instrumental in developing business continuity plans, emergency response plans and after-action reviews for ASX Top 100 companies. Sam brings to our company years of experience in training and management and has completed Crisis Management for Critical Thinkers at the University of Sydney. She holds post-graduate qualifications in accounting and business administration.

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We sat down with Sam to find out what she does as a Risk Management Consultant:  

      1. In your opinion what is risk management and why is it important?  

Risk management is a process used to identify potential risk(s), problems, and disasters before they happen. It also allows the organisation to mitigate these risks to prevent them from impacting the business as reasonably practical. Risk management is important as it empowers an organisation to ensure they have the necessary tools to respond effectively to a risk or disaster event.  

     2. What does a risk management consultant do?  

A risk management consultant provides a hands-on in-depth development of risk models involving a range of resources, ensures control measures are effective and suitable, as well as being able to provide supporting research and analytical support, including the development of risk management plans.  

     3. Do you follow a particular process when consulting? 

There is no one way of consulting. Every organisation is unique and requires diverse needs. In saying that the general process can be similar regarding obtaining information, understanding the organisational needs and abilities.  

     4. What important skills do you posses as a risk management consultant? 

Problem solving, strategic thinking, adaptable, analytical, management and leadership skills and legislation knowledge.  

     5. What do you enjoy most about your role?  

Problem solving, difference in jobs, learning new things, helping organisations to achieve risk compliance and abilities to ensure effective Reponses to potential risks.  

     6. What advice would you offer to someone looking to start or change to a career in risk management?  

Embrace the industry, learn from the experts, research and gain as much experience and knowledge you can. Think outside the box not everything is simple and solvable with traditional methods.

Industries that are offered risk management

Resilient Services provides a range of risk management plans to a variety of industries. These industries include, but are not limited to:

risk mitigation


risk management framework


risk management strategies

Electricity Transmission and Distribution

risk mitigation strategies

Electricity Generation, including Renewables

risk identification

Gas Transmission and Distribution

risk mitigation plan


risk management melbourne

Industrial and manufacturing

risk management plans melbourne

Maritime (ports)

risk management process melbourne


risk mitigation melbourne

Oil and gas

risk management framework melbourne


risk management strategies melbourne

Office and Corporate

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