Client Testimonial

Submitted by a leading Australia/ New Zealand Oil and Gas Producer

(Oil and Gas Producer) have engaged Resilient Services over the past 18 months This work has included:

  • Conduct analysis leading to and compile the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for all (Oil and Gas Producer) Energy sites, operations and departments. This included a full analysis of supply chain (therefore, goods and services as well as personnel resources). This document underpinned the 15 weeklong activation of the Business Continuity Team (BCT) that was activated in response to COVID19. This included site visits, stakeholder interviews and engagement at all facilities and departments in Australia and New Zealand. With the creation of this capability, existing documents were required to be reviewed and updated to accommodate the BCP and BCT.

  • Design and conduct of the annual ‘live’ crisis exercise, with report to Board of Directors. This was full scenario and process development, exercising planning, facilitation, evaluation including debrief.

  • Conduct of Security Gap analysis of (Oil and Gas Producer) security capability including documents, online training and induction modules and risk assessments.

  • Review and update of the Emergency Response Plan. This involved significant stakeholder engagement which due to COVID 19 needed to occur virtually.

  • Following COVID 19 CMT and BCT Activation, Resilient Services compiled the After-Activation Review – survey, slides and overall process. These documents proved critical in the Board directed audit (conducted by PwC) of (Oil and Gas Producer), Emergency Management (CEM) Capability.

As part of these significant bodies of work, Resilient conducted the following:

  • Development and presentation of online/virtual training:
    • the development and delivery of courses, including the development of training, program materials, workshops, scenario testing and exercises for face-to-face or online delivery. There was no issue with this being developed or delivered virtually (Teams, Zoom and Skype were utilised)
  • Technical writing skills: Resilient consistently displayed a high level of technical writing skills and were quickly able to assimilate (Oil and Gas Producer) language, templates and processes training and documents developed needed to be done so in line with compliance and regulatory requirements – and there was no issue here.
  • In Emergency and Crisis preparedness and response, Resilient Services:
    • provided advice on responses, modelling, scenario development, exercise planning, facilitation, and evaluation.
    • developed scenarios and protocols, and conducting simulation training exercises in the context of emergency preparedness and response in the oil and gas sector;
    • preparing reports on outcomes of emergency preparedness and response scenarios in the energy and/or resources sectors.

Overall Summary

Work ethic and ethos: Overall, it was thoroughly enjoyable to work with the team at Resilient Services. Clearly, this team are enthusiast and enjoy what they do and are proud of what they produce. In one particular instance, my scope changed dramatically mid-way through a piece of work – the amended scope and actions were sent to me within 24 hours and the team ensured that I was happy with the new process. There were times when I felt they knew what I wanted and needed before I did. Training and Facilitation: The team at Resilient Services maintained a professional and collaborative style throughout their engagement across the (Oil and Gas Producer) business lines. As the scope of the BCP touch all of the business functions, the team where able to adapt their facilitation to get the best outcomes.
Capabilities and Competencies: The team displayed all the necessary capabilities and knowledge of process, regulations and governance to collect, analyse and compile a professional and practical product. They were able to adapt to the changing environment and evolve with the business needs throughout the turbulent and challenging COVID 19 emergency.
Product and timeliness: The team produced a well-considered, collaborative and comprehensive BCP, which was leveraged by (Oil and Gas Producer) through the activation period. The team was always responsive and adaptable, with a clear customer focus and the ability to scale the solution to address all stakeholders. I would highly recommend the Resilient Services team in providing advice and scalable support in emergency management consulting services. Please do not hesitate you contact me if you require any further information.

Yours faithfully

Head of Corporate Risk, (Oil and Gas Producer)