Risk Management Solutions

Submitted by a leading Australia/ New Zealand Oil and Gas Producer

Work ethic and ethos: Overall, it was thoroughly enjoyable to work with the team at Resilient Services. Clearly, this team are enthusiast and enjoy what they do and are proud of what they produce. In one particular instance, my scope changed dramatically mid-way through a piece of work ….

Geelong Port

“My name is Ian McIntosh, I am the General Manager for Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality here at Geelong Port. We chose Resilient Services through a process of evaluation of a number of companies. I guess what really came out for Resilience was their practical approach. Having met the team I was impressed with their approach that sort of simple what people actually do approach not necessarily what consultants will say people do.
Today was a great experience of why we chose Resilience because definitely the professionalism was there. You get what was on the box and what was on the box was John kept saying a really practical approach on how to manage an emergency and todays exercise we have tested the materials we have been working through over the past 8 months with Resilience and we saw today that it worked really really well. I would just say we are very happy with our choice”.
Ian McIntosh

General Manager for Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality.

Geelong Port