Different levels of Government in Australia and New Zealand

Government in Australia operates on three levels: the federal level, the state and territory level and the local level. Each level holds a responsibility to legislate on specific areas of law and govern the rules and regulations of certain areas of Australia. The federal government, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, creates and amends legislation that is then enforced in all of Australia. Individual state governments will govern their state, and legislate on matters that will only apply to the state it was created in. Similar areas of law can have different rules and regulations from state to state. On the local government level, councils and other subordinate bodies that have been delegated the ability to legislate will oversee smaller areas within states and will be responsible for matters such as maintaining public parks and roads as well as providing community services such as waste disposal and libraries.

Australian and New Zealand Government legislation

The three levels of government have their own individual responsibilities in implementing legislation and regulations that are aimed at reducing the potential risks faced by local communities, states, and the nation as a whole. Resilient Services provides numerous services to government bodies regarding emergency and disaster management as well compliance auditing services. We work alongside government bodies at all levels to assist in delivering them their desired outcomes. Resilient Services has conducted emergency exercises, performed risk analyses, and provided the government with detailed reviews and reports regarding emergency management and compliance with risk mitigation procedures. We have also worked with government bodies focusing on stakeholder engagement and emergency management training through Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

Australia and New Zealand Risk Management in Government

We have produced detailed reports and compliance audits for state governments, including a paper that analysed interruptions to electrical grids in Victoria for the Victorian Premier. We also performed a risk analysis and created an implementation plan for a $1.8 billion project regarding the solar homes program for Victoria. We have conducted agency exercises involving state emergency services, companies from the private sector and assorted government agencies. Our Managing Director has served on government control boards for risk management, including boards regarding disaster management for bushfire prevention and recovery. Resilient Services is the preferred supplier of emergency exercises and emergency management training for the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources. Preparedness exercises and training programs have been provided to the energy industry and state and federal governments.

Government Disaster and Emergency Response

At the local government level, we have worked closely with councils and other subordinate government bodies to prepare localised emergency and disaster management plans specific to the individual risks and needs of the area. We have prepared and conducted workshops and seminars for small business with a focus on business continuity in the face of disruptions and emergencies, often linking government to private industry and its constituents.
Government Disaster and Emergency Response

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