Crisis & Emergency Management

Crisis and Emergency Management

Crisis and emergency management involve processes that are designed to lessen the effects and minimise the damage of a crisis or emergency event on an organisation. The processes involve preparing for, responding to, and recovering from any foreseeable risk that a business may encounter.

The importance of crisis and emergency management plans, exercises, frameworks and policies.

Having an effective crisis and/or emergency management system is paramount when attempting to alleviate the effects and minimise the damage of a crisis or emergency event on an organisation and its stakeholders.
Risks are a natural consequence of doing business and they can come in both natural and manmade forms of disasters resulting in a crisis and or emergency for a business. Natural disasters such as storms, floods, fires, and cyclones have been impacting humankind since the creation of the world, whereas manmade disasters including criminal acts, safety incidents, acts of negligence, sexual harassment, cyber issues, negative media, security breaches and IT security issues (including hacks, malware and ransomware) to name a few can all plunge a company or government into a crisis or emergency state.
Managing these events with solid crisis and emergency management plans is crucial for good business. Managing risks correctly can provide a strategic competitive advantage where a business will return to normal operations quickly, while competitors may not be able to due to the impacts of the crisis/emergency.
A crisis or emergency will place you, your staff and business into an unusual situation, where panic and poor decisions can be made. At Resilient Services we develop easy to follow instructions to protect you, your staff, and your customers by managing emergencies and returning your services to normal in the shortest possible timeframe through step-by-step instructions. By having a crisis and emergency management framework in place, you will be providing your stakeholders with the confidence that you know and understand the risks that your business could potentially face, and that in the event of any crisis and emergency, your response will be effective at ensuring that normal operations are returned as quickly and safely as possible.
Crisis and Emergency Management

What crisis and emergency management services does Resilient Services offer?

At Resilient Services, we offer a wide range of crisis and emergency management services to suit your business’s specific needs. We recognise that every organisation is different and will require a unique set of management procedures. Depending on your circumstances, we can offer and are not limited to the following services:
  • After action reviews (to capture learnings and provide continuous improvement opportunities)
  • Business continuity plans and business impact assessments
  • Crisis communications plans
  • Crisis and emergency management plans, frameworks and documentation (corporate and operational)
  • Crisis and emergency management exercises and simulations
  • Disaster management plans
  • Detailed reports into cause and effect
  • Pandemic planning
  • Resilience policy and planning development
  • Risk management and mitigation plans
  • Safety reports
  • Security risk assessments

Crisis and emergency management plans are written to meet government legislation and or ISO 22320:2018 – Security and resilience – Emergency management – Guidelines for incident management.

Emergency Management Cycle

Each phase provides a detailed step-by-step explanation of what your business will do in the event of an emergency.

Crisis and Emergency Management

Crisis Management Plan

Crisis and Emergency Management