Behind the Scenes: Planning and Executing Effective Emergency Exercises within Your Organisation


Are You Ready for an Emergency?  Imagine a critical situation striking your organisation—whether it’s a natural disaster, a cyber-attack, or a fire. Are your teams prepared to respond effectively and efficiently, to maintain safety and protect the company financially and reputationally? Emergency exercises are crucial for preparing organisations to handle real-life crises, ensuring that every […]

Harnessing After-Action Reviews for Continuous Growth

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In the fast-paced world of organisational management, every success and shortcoming represent a pivotal moment that can either propel growth or hinder progress. Recognising and learning from these critical moments is paramount to achieving sustained success. Enter the After-Action Review (AAR) — a powerful tool that organisations can leverage to glean insights from both triumphs […]

Strategies for Safety and Preparedness with Brea Chapman


Welcome, Brea, and thank you for joining me today for this interview. As our Head of Operations Risk and Resilience, your firsthand experience during the recent incident at the Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s West is incredibly valuable. We aim to delve into your insights regarding the events of that day, highlighting what worked effectively, areas […]

How can Emergency Exercises Strengthen your Organisation’s Resilience?


In today’s dynamic business environment, organisational resilience is paramount. Discover the transformative potential of emergency exercises in fortifying your organisation against unexpected challenges. Emergency exercises are meticulously designed simulations that replicate real crises, offering a unique opportunity for organisations to test their readiness. These exercises not only prepare teams for potential disasters but also foster […]

Navigating the Storm: After Action Reviews in Response to Current NSW Floods

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As NSW faces severe flooding, businesses are confronted with urgent challenges. In this critical time, After Action Reviews (AARs) emerge as a vital tool for learning and adaptation amidst the crisis. The ongoing NSW floods highlight the immediate need for AARs, especially in the context of the wet season’s unpredictability. Here’s why they are crucial […]

Resilience as a Competitive Advantage: How Organisations Can Thrive Amidst Uncertainty

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, resilience isn’t just about survival—it’s a strategic advantage. At Resilient Services, we specialise in empowering organisations to not only weather uncertainty but to thrive in it by enhancing their resilience capabilities.  Understanding Resilience: Resilience is about anticipating, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disruptions effectively. It encompasses a deep […]

The Cost of Inaction: Why Invest in Emergency Preparedness?

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In the ever-evolving landscape of business and society, emergencies and crises can strike unexpectedly, posing significant threats to organisations of all sizes and industries. While the concept of emergency preparedness is not new, the approach to it has evolved in recent years. No longer seen as a luxury, effective emergency management is now recognised as […]

From Theory to Practice: Realistic Emergency Exercises

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In the realm of emergency preparedness, theory is important, but practice makes perfect. That’s where Resilient Services comes in. We specialise in turning theoretical emergency plans into realistic simulations, creating a challenging and realistic scenario ensuring where organisations can test their emergency readiness. A term we use is practicing for war in peace time. Understanding […]

A Simple Guide to Risk Management

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In today’s unpredictable business world, managing risks is vital for organisational success. That’s where Resilient Services comes in. We’re specialists in risk management, helping organisations like yours navigate uncertainty with confidence. Our team is here to guide you through the risk management process, ensuring your organisation stays resilient in the face of uncertainty. Understand Risk […]