Meet the team

John Gawne

Managing Director & Founder

John Gawne is the Managing Director and founder of Resilient Services. John founded Resilient Services in 2018 after holding senior management positions in critical infrastructure and service provider organisations. After completing an after-action review for the Victorian Premier in 2018 into prolonged electricity outages, John expanded the business into other agencies and areas of government (both Federally and other States), the energy, ports and water sectors and other providers of critical infrastructure. 

His aim was to build a company that delivered for its staff and clients in a BS free environment. John is passionate about delivering a high standard of risk and resilience services and maintaining a brilliant workplace culture.

In his spare time John enjoys barbequing, following AFL, hanging out with his family, playing golf, travelling and hitting the gym. John holds a Master’s degree in Business and a post graduate qualification in Emergency and Disaster Management.