Crisis Response and Review Timeline

Conducting a post incident review is an integral part of the crisis and emergency management process. Capturing what worked well, what didn’t and the lessons learned is what enables companies to improve and better prepare for the future. Following an elongated event, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, after action reviews become more complex and require more attention to detail and indepth preparation than events that last just days or even weeks. At Resilient Services, we do that hard work for you, we will study what your teams did, when they did it and what the impact was in order to facilitate the review for you or prepare you with the information you will need to facilitate the review yourself. During COVID-19we partnered with an ASX top 100 company to assist with their crisis response and review. The timeline depicted reflects the important work and achievements of their Crisis Management and Business Continuity TeamsPreparing a timeline like this will assist the teams completing their reviews by giving them a visual representation of what happened and when it happened. It also easily ties it to government announced restrictions. It clearly shows what worked well, and where their teams were preempting issues or reacting to them. It highlights the great work that has been completed whilst also showing where any delays may have occurred which makes it very easy to ask questions like ‘why?’ And ‘how do you do better next time?’ Or ‘how do you ensure this is replicated next time?’ because as we all know, there will always be a next time. Whether you have or haven’t thought about what you may need to include in your post event review, get in touch with us today and let us help your response teams learn, develop and grow through this process.  

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