Do you own or operate an aerodrome? Do you have an Aerodrome Manual, and emergency response procedures already prepared in case of an unforeseen event at your airfield? If your aerodrome does not meet the trigger criteria to require an Aerodrome Emergency Plan (AEP), you still need to have appropriate emergency procedures developed as part of the local emergency plan administered under the relevant state or territory emergency arrangements.

Do the local first responders know where the airfield access gates are, where the fuel stores are located, and what lighting is available? Are there drains or other hazards on the airfield that could mean a delay to responders approaching the emergency site?

Conducting a yearly exercise helps aerodrome owners, local operators and first responders to understand the airfield layout and hazards and feel confident in responding to an emergency during all weather and lighting conditions. Exercises can be conducted as tabletop, either in person or remote or hybrid, with all parties practicing their roles and interacting as a team, or live at the airfield to gain an appreciation for the distances and physical characteristics of the location.

We can help you to understand the recent changes to Part 139 (Aerodromes) Manual of Standards and how they affect your airfield. We can help you prepare an Aerodrome Manual, Aerodrome Emergency Plan, or emergency response procedures in consultation with the local council and emergency operators. We can develop an exercise to train your team so they feel confident in both the plan and their individual roles in an emergency.

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