Now is the perfect time to develop or amend a Business Continuity Plan

Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, businesses have been forced to adapt quickly, without warning and the ability to prepare. Many employees now work from home. We have watched employers implement new technologies, software, and protocols. We have seen institutions creating physical barriers and marking floors seemingly overnight. Venues, including corporate offices, have introduced capacity limits.  We have also observed many restructures which have directly affected our clients, colleagues, friends, and family. All of these changes have been caused by shifts in consumer behaviour, government restrictions and the overall economic pain.

Although it is counter-intuitive, now is the perfect time to update or create a Business Continuity Plan. A Business Continuity Plan enables a business to act quickly and effectively to sustain its operations during an event. It itemises your critical business processes, essential personnel, the systems required to complete these processes, and allows you to continue to operate effectively in the event of an emergency or disaster. The plan gives you the tools to sustain and recover your business through any event.

During an event such as the pandemic, reviewing or creating a Business Continuity Plan gives rise to business flexibility which may not have been their previously, or previously considered. By developing your plan now, you can determine what systems, processes, and functions are critical in real-time, while it is at the forefront of your thinking.

Similarly, by updating or creating a plan now, you will be able to develop or amend a system which truly reflects your organisation’s work from home capacity. It also allows for the different technologies, systems, software that have been quickly implemented to be itemised and documented.

Capturing your normal, now, understanding what has to be done, when it has to be done and what is required to do it, will ensure you are better prepared for the next pandemic, disaster, or emergency. Having a Business Continuity Plan available within your organisation will give your business a competitive advantage over those that do not.