5 tips for getting your business’s New Year’s resolution back on track

Every year, people set New Year’s resolutions to better themselves; businesses are no different. When bosses, managers, and executives returned to their offices, worksites, and in some instances their kitchen…

Disaster Management

The importance of radical candour in disaster management

Given our disaster management expertise, the clients we work with often operate in extremely high-risk environments like offshore oil platforms or with high-voltage transmission powerlines. As experts, our clients are…


Supporting the Royal Children’s Hospital through the Kyle Sheldon Memorial Golf Day

In a typical year, Resilient Services would send our clients and friends Christmas cards to thank them for a fantastic year. As many of our clients worked from home in…

About Us

Resilient Services’ Year in Review

What a year! I couldn’t think of another way to kick-off our final newsletter for 2020. This year, despite all its challenges (and we will get to those), has been…


Adaptation, a buzz word or a must?

Australians should be applauded for their ability to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Back in January, very few of us had heard of the “mysterious pneumonia” emerging from Wuhan, China….

Emergency Management Business Continuity

Exercising does not need to take weeks or days, it can be done in an hour

One of the myths of our industry is that an emergency exercise needs to take half a day, plus an hour or two of preparation training the week before. This…


Movember – a reminder not a gimmick

Sadly, I lost my cousin Bryan to heart disease four years ago, aged just 55. In fact, the 3rd of November marked the anniversary of his funeral. Then 2 years…